EYP SCAP develops the automation project of a desalination plant in Colombia

The Automation & Control Division of EYP SCAP is carrying out the design, manufacture and commissioning, for the ACS subsidiary company named Tedagua, the Control System of the desalinization plant in the Campo Rubiales oilfields in Colombia.

With a daily capacity of 79,500 m3, the plant handles the raw water that comes directly from the oil production and after its treatment using reverse osmosis will be mainly used for agricultural and forestry irrigation, representing an important environmental project for the central area of Colombia.

As a “turn-key” project based on PCS7 SIEMENS technology, EYP SCAP is designing, delivering and commissioning the Control System of the plant including the different control cabinets, engineering stations, communications network or UPS of 60kVA up to the engineering and programming of the control and supervision SCADA system