The international patented Adaptive Predictive Control System (SCAP) represents an important advance in processo control theory and practice. The predictive control does not just react to the error but predicts the evolución of the variables, and applies the necessary control measurements in order to achieve the desired evolution. in this way, SCAP guarantees the complete process stability, including operation under extreme conditions, and precise variable control, that permits the optimisation of the following conditions:

  • Minimisation of resource consumption (energy, raw materials and others).
  • Production maximisation in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Regular and stable operation of the entire process.
  • Safety and reliability.



The EYP SCAP activities in the telecommunications sector focusses on design, development, manufacturing and installation of equipment and telecommunication systems.
Since its foundation, our company has adopted the constant innovation in its business policy, which has permitted the adquisition of a broad experience in projects made-to-measure, bringing together the most advanced technology and the practical knowledge that is required in every project.
A third part of the EYP SCAP human resources is dedicated to research and development activities.
The basic objective of our commercial policy is to capture the real needs of our customers with the intention of adapting us to every one of these, in order to offer a Personalised Service.
EYP SCAP has adopted in its structure a QUALITY system according to the ISO-9001 norm (a model that assures quality in design, development, production, installation, and after sales services), which guarantees the continuous improvement in its activities leading to the complete customer satisfaction.