About us

EYP SCAP is a Spanish Company which specialises in the sectors of telecomunications, control and optimisation of industrial processes.

The company, from 100% Spanish capital, reached its culmination after the merger of SCAP and the GROUP EYP TELECOMUNICACIÓN in July 2002. The broad experience of EYP TELECOMUNICATIÓN with its 25 years in the telecommunications sector, and the industrial process automation and control technology of SCAP, with international patentes since 1980, have permitted this company to benefit the most of both technologies.

EYP SCAP concentrates in offering integrated solutions that allow a better management performance, trought the industrial process optimisation and control, and the most sophisticated technological advances. Thank to the SCAP system flexibility, a control system that predicts the evolution of industrial processes, reacting and correcting any anomaly before it produces any error, and to the constant adaptation to the constant adaptation to the new technologica processes, EYP SCAP provides to its customers the maximun competitive profit, adapting to the urgent needs that every sectors demands.
The EYP SCAP business philosophy is characterised by:

  • Combining the most advanced process technologies with a sophisticaed industrial process control and optimisation system. It experience in the market represents the best guarantee.
  • Developing solutions made-to-measure for any kind of costumer. Every sector and every business model require a solution suitable to their needs. the continous technological adaptation ond the SCAP system flexibility permit EYP SCAP the development of solutions for different industrial sectors: such as energy, water and enviroment, cement industry, telecommunications, tunnels and traffic industry.
  • EYP SCAP is able to achieve a significant improvement in business and industrial performance, thus allowing a saving in costs and energy for the customer.
  • The Qualified professional team, together with experience, innovation and service quality are the key points to the success of EYP SCAP.